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1- Participation in our auction implies the acceptance of these conditions:

2- Silicua Coins may request commercial references to those bidders who are not regular customers.

3- Silicua Coins may, at its discretion, refuse purchase orders.

4- The starting and award prices will be exclusively in euros.

5- Orders below the starting price or orders containing decimals will not be accepted.

6-Orders must follow the following bid escalation:

From Amount
Up to amount
0 €
20 €
1 €
21 €
50 €
2 €
51 €
100 €
5 €
101 €
400 €
10 €
401 €
1.000 €
50 €
1.001 €
4.000 €
100 €
4.001 €
10.000 €
200 €
10.001 €
20.000 €  *
500 €
In accordance with the above-mentioned bidding criteria, in case of receiving international orders or telephone orders, Silicua Coins SL will round the bid to the nearest order, if the whole is in the middle, it will be rounded up.
In this way if we receive a bid of 239 euro, it will be rounded to the nearest bid, 240 euro. If we receive a bid of 221 euro, it will be rounded to 220 euro. However, if the bid is 225 euro, it will be rounded to 230 euro.
* Bids over 20,000 €, will have an increment of 5%. 

7- The lots will be awarded to the highest bidder. In case of equal bids, the order received previously will prevail.

8- The buyer must pay, within 30 days of the invoice being sent, the award price plus an increase of 20% (VAT included) for auction costs. Shipping and insurance will also be charged to the buyer, as well as export costs when the lots are sent to countries that are not part of the European Union. In case of payment by card from abroad, a surcharge of 2% will be paid.

9- Purchases will be paid exclusively in euros.

10-Silicua Coins will not be responsible for the interruption of the online mode due to mayor force or deficiencies attributable to third parties.

11-Silicua Coins guarantees the authenticity of all lots, unless otherwise indicated.

12-Only the return of lots will be accepted within ten calendar days from receipt, always with justified cause. In no case will the return of whole lots be admitted.

13-In case of dispute arising from the auction or the interpretation of the conditions, the parties submit to the Courts and Courts of the city of Lugo.

14- The text of the conditions that oblige the parties is the one written in Spanish.